Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Pumpkins getting Huge + Sexy Melon/Vining trellis garden beauty & Chanterelle mushroom forage


  1. Cassie, I am SALIVATING!! LOL. We took a long road trip in June, that and I'm doing a garden overhaul, so I don't have a garden this year. We don't have running water, and I didn't want to ask our neighbor to water tons of plants if it didn't rain while we were gone. (Turned out that it did rain at least once during the ten days, oh well...) Anyway, I don't even my beloved and so-easy-to-grow cucumbers this year! I found your blog named in another blog when I searched for "vegan homestead". I think I'll check back every so often for inspiration. :)

    1. Fantastic, J.J. Thank you for your comment.