Thursday, July 27, 2017

Preserving tomatoes in olive oil + how I am using the garden food

As you know, I have made pizza, spaghetti, salads, stir fries, and smoothies with the garden fruits and vegetables. If you looked at yesterday's post, I have a picture of the buttercup squash I ate from the garden. I broiled the squash and ate with vegan vanilla ice cream. You can look at my previous posts this summer to see some of the dinners I have had with the garden food. I have been boiling potatoes and eating with slices of tomato and cucumber, as well. I encourage you to experiment with your garden foods!

I have been pickling cucumbers, freezing berries, zucchini and crookneck slices to preserve the fruits that I can't eat immediately. I have also been dehydrating some of the vegetables. I made crookneck squash chips by dehydrating slices and then packing them in jars when they cool.

Additionally, I dehydrated cherry tomatoes for over 12 hours. After they cooled, I packed them in mason jars. When I finally bought extra virgin olive oil, I wanted to preserve the tomatoes in the olive oil. To pack the tomatoes in oil, first re-hydrate them in boiling water and let them soak. I added Italian seasonings with the tomatoes. Then drain the tomatoes and put in jars, covering them with virgin olive oil.

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