Saturday, February 14, 2015

What I'm growing indoors during February Winter

As mentioned in a post this week (here), James bought seeds and bulbs for my birthday/Valentine's Day; and again he surprised me today with Raspberry bushes. I woke up with him handing me a banana/pineapple smoothie and a lovely card, then showing me two pots with two Raspberry plants and Tulips.
Raspberry plants, asparagus & rhubarb in pots covered

We started over one hundred Cabbage seeds indoors in the Greenhouse, and within three days they have made their first sets of leaves.

Golden acre cabbage

I showed you in January's post what I was growing indoors (here); and I wanted to show you an update on the Pear tree. As you can see in the pictures below, it putting off leaves all over the plant.

The Rhubarb is also growing quickly--sprouting over an inch in the last three days.

Victoria Rhubarb (3 plants)
Outside the home, the daffodils are poking through because they have been tricked into thinking it's Spring. Little did they know today of Valentine's day was the worst and only snow day we have had this year in Kentucky. I hope they survive this weather.

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