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Transform your home into a Rainforest Jungle (& list of tropical plants to grow indoors)

Maybe you have a sunny room you can dedicate to growing food. If not, some corners of your home that get a little extra sun can be dedicated to shelves that will house trays or pots of vegetables and greens.

Parts of my living room, utility room, and bedroom that receive the most light are growing my house plants (Aloe Vera, Snake plant, Peace Lily, Christmas cactus). And I have a small greenhouse next to a window that is currently growing over 100 cabbage starters, which you can see in the post here: What I'm growing Indoors during February Winter.

I fantasize about living in a Rainforest, because of the fresh, live, green scenery and abundance of food, but I can just as easily surround myself with dangling and potted plants, and food in my home.

The three main household toxins of concern are benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene, which can be removed by adding an abundance of house plants. Imagine creating your own Rainforest Jungle in your home, which would create fresh air as the plants absorb CO2, remove toxins, naturally humidifies air, and the greenery creates an uplifting mood/atmosphere during the dead or dreary Fall and Winter months.

Here are some ideas that others have created...

from Garden Ally
In a previous post I made a chart of the plants that are shade tolerant that would also grow well indoors:  List of shade & cold tolerant plants (vegetables, herbs, & flowers). In my post I failed to mention what plants that can be grown indoors, for example tropical plants like:

Peace Lily, Aloe Vera, Snake Plant, and Christmas cactus which I grow at my house. Other plants that grow well indoors are:
Ficus Alii,
English Ivy,
Janet Craig,
Rubber plant,
Bamboo palm,
Raphis Palm,
Areca Palm,
Snake Plant,
Spider Plant,
Mother-in-law's Tongue,
Chinese Evergreen,
Gerbera Daisy,
African violet, and
Orchid plant.
Photo: Natuur Puebla
Grow plants by a South facing Window or Room that receives over four hours of sunlight. Water each plant thoroughly once every week or two. If I have leftover water for whatever reason, I dump the water onto a potted plant.
Save space by placing potted plants on shelves or hang them vertically. Utilizing vertical space will allow you to grow more plants in one area than utilizing floor space.

the rainforest garden
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photo source
Todo Manualidades

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lunar harvest
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Instead of growing only Tropical house plants, try growing Trees that will produce Fruit. For instance, dwarf Orange trees, lemon and limes are small enough trees that can be grown indoors.

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