Sunday, October 25, 2015

Greens & Herb harvest + Unique way to use Herbs from the garden

Water greens a couple times a week as this will promote leaf growth. With a natural fertilizer such as compost tea or diluted urine, fertilize your garden greens once a week or every other week. This is especially necessary for those vegetables and greens growing in containers.

radish patch

I harvested some greens from the container garden which I intended to prepare for James' mother. I hoped to make her a big salad with her lettuces, arugula, green peppers, and tomatoes from the garden. 

I also harvested herbs yesterday, which I chopped and then froze in olive oil to use for future meals. To do this, chop each herb finely and add to individual cubes, and then pour olive oil into each of these cubes with the herbs. They will freeze into the shape of the ice tray, and will keep for as long as you store them in the freezer. This will keep them fresh until you decide to use them in stir-fry, spaghetti, etc. 

Below, shows you the herbs I have frozen in olive oil, such as Sage, Parsley, and Rosemary. I had harvested much more rosemary, but I dried the rest in a food dehydrator, and stored in a glass jar.

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