Thursday, October 15, 2015

Carrot, pepper, bean harvest

Yesterday, we harvested carrots, peppers, beans, and some tomatoes. These vegetables may be the last to harvest this year, as it is going to frost tomorrow. But I have taken some precautions in saving the pepper plants, fig trees, and the greens. In a previous post, I showed you how I am protecting the potted greens with glass panes: Keeping greens warm at night & protected from rabbits.
I am using a garden cloth to cover the fig trees and also the lettuce garden; and I am using a transparent plastic sheet to cover the entire row of peppers, which you can see in the video here: How to protect pepper plants from frost or cold nights. I really want to save these plants for another week or two at least.

The avocados growing around the yard and also the eggplants were transplanted into a pot. I have the avocado plants inside the house, and the other tropical plants are inside or in the greenhouse. I covered the potted eggplants with a plastic cone. The cone was actually my dog's cone that she had to use after her surgery, so I figured I would re-purpose it. 

The pictures below are what we harvested yesterday.

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